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Need some product opinions, please

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  • Need some product opinions, please

    I am new to VDrums, both the website and the whole concept of electronic drums. I am shopping for a set and have narrowed it down to two sets. I live in West Virginia, and I can't find any stores with any sets in stock, only acoustic sets.

    Which is the best: Roland V-Club set or the Pintech CS/8 Studio Elite 8 pc. set (with TD-6 controller -- same as V-Club)?

    Thank you for your advice.

    :D I just love to play drums!!!:D

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    Man, you've opened a can of worms, now! You'll probably get more responses than you know what to do with on this board! As to which is "best", that's for you to decide. There are plenty of variables, such as how much $ do you have to spend (The Pintech set with the TD-6 will probably cost more than a V-Club), whether you prefer mesh heads to rubber pads, how are you going to use the kit, (do you plan to gig, or just practice?) Also, what experience do you have with drumming in general? The TD-6 brain is cool, and you apparently plan to get that regardless, so it looks like it comes down to a difference in the V-Club stand and pads and the Pintech stand and pads. That's a decision you'll have to make based on your own preferences, money and experience with drums. I have the V-Club, and I have nothing bad to say about it. It's a great kit at a great price. I'm starting to expand it a bit, and have plans to do more in the future (I'll probably add a mesh head snare at some point). If you're just getting into it, you may want to go that route. In any case, good luck and you'll enjoy yourself no matter which you choose to go with.


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      Here are some more variables. I have never played on mesh heads, unless they're like what's on those little silent practice sets. I hear terms describing 'feel' of the mesh heads as being better, but I don't know. I have played drums since I was 10, and now I'm 38 (you do the math - I'm getting up there!). I met Vinnie Colaiuta when I was 18, and that pretty much got me hooked for good.
      I will play in churches mostly, and I have heard that electronics are the way to go. The price of the Pintech setup will cost about $300 more, but I like the fact that the Pintech snare has dual triggers (for rimshot, etc.), and the look is more like "real" drums. I just want to make the right decision. Thanks for your input.
      :D I just love to play drums!!!:D


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        Me again. I'm thinking seriously about getting the v-club and then adding a Pintech dual zone snare. I assume that means I can get a rim sound and a snare sound from one drum -- dual zone means two triggers, right? I can find a Pintech dual zone Concertcast snare for about $120. I would still come out ahead.
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        :D I just love to play drums!!!:D


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          The feel of mesh heads is supposed to more closely approximate the feel or accoustic drum heads. I've tried them a couple of times and I think they're close enough that it's difficult to tell the difference strictly from feel. The dual trigger on the snare is an advantage, and I don't have that right now (I got a Pintech SE102 and tried that as a snare for a while, but I didn't like how the rim triggered, so I moved it to a ride cymbal with a crash on the rim and it works a lot better for me). I'm using a homebrew pad on the side of my snare pad to trigger rimshots and backsticks, and it's working great, for now. I'm looking at going for a Pintech AcousTech snare, sometime in the not too distant future, because I'd like to have the rim sounds on the snare, and I want a little more real estate there. It sounds like you're leaning towards the Pintech kit, based on your preference for the dual zone pad and the look you're after. I use the V-Clubs in live performances all the time, and they're working great for me. It's really easy to control the sound on stage and out front. Whether you go with the straight V-Club or Pintech, you'll be happy, I think, with the TD-6.


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            try before you buy

            I love my v-club, but I went to a Marsmusic (3 hour drive) to play on all the v-drums.
            go to Marsmusic.com and look a the store locator. Then call to make sure they have what you want to test.

            Virginia Richmond Springfield Virginia Bch.
            Maryland Baltimore Catonsville
            North Carolina Charlotte Raleigh

            There may be other stores as well.


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              Don't bother with the Richmond Mars...

              I just moved across town and am now very close to this store. This store is always junky with things half-opened and in disarray. There IS a full assortment of all the Vdrum kits set up as well as two Yamaha kits, but none of them are setup properly and they are all pretty much banged to all hell. The drum staff range from clueless to indifferent (althought the guitar staff are helpful and knowlegable).

              Drive to NOVA if you have to drive from West Virginia (you'll be able to visit a quitar center too). You reall can't go too wrong with the V-club and I have just expanded mine new (got it this week) V-club to taste (extra CY-6, a PD-120 and a KD-80) and am beyond pleased. I think an expanded TD-10 based kit or would give you some more options and the TD-8 is an awesome brain, but what you DO get with the TD-6 based V-club is pretty darned SWEET!!!

              Best of luck,

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                Thanks, guys for your ideas. I need all the input I can get! I have resisted the new technology for too long and I've got some catching up to do. I'm excited to get started with my new set of VDrums!

                You guys really do rock! Keep up the good work of sharing your experience, and one more thing...


                :D I just love to play drums!!!:D


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                  Sorry about recommending the Richmond store
                  (never been there)
                  The Charlotte store was very good one time
                  and so-so the next and very good the 3rd.
                  2 of the 3 times they have had 4 different v-drums
                  set up correctly ready for playing.
                  one time, I had to re-setup what I wanted to try.
                  (its a 3 hour drive each way for me, so I don't
                  get there that often) If I know what I want I
                  order from various music sites on the web.
                  (Try Mike in drums, and Jon in guitars.)

                  Oh yes, if you order a v-club, don't forget you
                  must add a bass drum pedal, seat, amp or headset
                  and sticks :-)


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                    Thanks. What do you recommend for a cheap ($100-150 or less) amp for practicing only? I don't need anything for performing, since the band has a large sound system with monitors, etc. I have heard that you can't really patch it into your stereo (so much for getting by REALLY cheap). I don't need but maybe ~20 watts or so, and otherwise I'll be using headphones.
                    :D I just love to play drums!!!:D


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                      Find a used keyboard amp. You need to handle the bass lows and crash highs. Good comfortable headphones are great as you get the great stereo effects. Even thou I could use my keyboard amp on low much of the time, I use headphones a lot.

                      Anybody know how the Crate KX15 KEYBOARD Amp is?
                      On sale for $119.99 at musiciansfriend.com
                      At 12W with one 8" speaker, I guessing it might not be very good.
                      You want a woofer and tweeter for a keyboard amp.

                      Some people on this list don't like musiciansfriend.com.
                      I've had good luck when ordering accessories from their web site.


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                        Originally posted by Ranman

                        Funny story: I wanted to add a PD7 to my kit so yesterday on my lunch break I drove to the Richmond Mars to price things and look around. On my way there my wife called my cell phone and asked "What's that pad thing you wanted?" I told her and then asked why she wanted to know. She said she was at the VABeach GC to get it. I'VE GOT A GREAT WIFE!!!!
                        I was there yesterday afternoon buying a tube pre-amp... small world!!!

                        My mother lives in VA Beach, so I will have to check those stores out. I haven't heard of too many people making the reverse commute that you do (gawd that is ROUGH DUDE!). But I know of folks who go up to DC, which is worse.

                        I live within spitting distance from this Mars... let me know when you are going there next and we can "talk shop."

                        Take care,



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                          Originally posted by oldrocker
                          Some people on this list don't like musiciansfriend.com.
                          I've had good luck when ordering accessories from their web site. [/B]
                          Man, I hope not... I just ordered a compressor from Mucian's Friend. I am suspicious though... I called and a lady says "the warehouse is a little backed up right now... could be more than 48 hours before we ship."

                          However, many others have said bad things on here about midwest percussion. My experience with Midwest has so far been very pleasant: a little over a week ago I ordered my v-club (pics to come soon I hope) and that sucker was here 2 days later( ground!).

                          Ed from Drumbalaya is pretty good with service, ditto the folks at Palm Beach Music (www.musiciansbuy.com).



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                            Since you are new to electronic drums, I would recommend you stay with one manufacturer. Roland stuff is designed to work with Roland stuff. Creating a mixture of brands will require more tweaking and can lead to frustration. You can always expand the VClub by adding mesh head components. I play a VClub at church and a TD-10exp in my 2 bands.

                            As far as an amp, I'd recommend a JBL EON 15PAK. These are selling on eBay from time to time for $250 - $300.

                            Best of luck, and welcome aboard.
                            Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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                              or you could just practice thru headphones(even play to your favorite cd's)until you save enough for a decent amp.then you can piss off the neighbors.if you have any.does state law permit neighbors in va?
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