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How do i record with... [click in phones only]

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  • How do i record with... [click in phones only]

    The metronome playing in my headphones, but no metronome sound going out the 2- 1/4" line outs (i think im using the master outs). Im recording on my MAC, and the metronome sound comes through on garage band...help? Thanks in advance!

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    tempo button/ f1/ output setting on my td-20 allows you to set it for headphones only..you didn't mention what module you have but if it's roland, it must have that feature.my td-10 did also.that should do it unless something else is going on. im a bit new at this to so someone else might have a better answer..


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      Yep; same on a TD-12 (which I believe is the subject here) and similar on a TD-8. You can't do that on a TD-3, TD-6 or TD-9 though.



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        nice. Every day i find new reasons to be glad i sprung for the td-12 over the td-9. Thanks for the answers guys.


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          why bother recording to the click on your kit, its cool for practising to, but surely you want to record to the click from whatever you're recording to, so everythings nice & in time, i suppose if you just want to record your other tracks to the drums its ok, I like everything to be in time to the clock in my daw


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            well, i do record to a tick on the computer, but playing with headphones on, and the volume up on my drum kit, i like having the click track in the headphones too because i cant hear the other one if i dont. I sync up the two clicks before i start playing.