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Petty gripe about TDW20?

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  • Petty gripe about TDW20?

    Love the module - very different playing experience and am still toying with it.

    One change annoys me and wanted to see if I'm just being silly.

    I use the mix-in port of the TD20 to receive line-level signals from a sound board. I use direct out and was able to send NO drums from the TD20 directly to the headphones. I could then get a full mix, including drums, from the board via the mix-in going to the TD20 headphones.

    They made a 'feature update' - that makes it so all sounds go to the headphones regardless of direct routing. In fact it seems as if there is no way to remove the sounds from the headphones!

    Anyone else doing this kind of thing or know of any workarounds.

    I know - just buy a headphone amp - but it was handy and very cool (volume control on the brain, etc).
    TD20, SPD-S, Alesis 12FW, Cubase, Yamaha 01V96v2, many video cameras, many keyboards, much drum junk.

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    I haven't checked, but have you verified that you've scrolled your controls upward to turn off the routing you are talking about? I'll check it out tonight. A change like that would highly surprise me. If so, it might be a error that they can correct in a firm update.
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      Pretty sure I've tried everything.

      I think Roland perceives it as an enhancement, as they made some changes to the mix-in (stereo vs mono, etc) as well.

      With the exception of using the TD20 as a pre-amp I can't figure why anyone would want to setup my way (IE No module sounds through the headphones) but it was convenient.

      If you discover otherwise please advise.
      TD20, SPD-S, Alesis 12FW, Cubase, Yamaha 01V96v2, many video cameras, many keyboards, much drum junk.


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        I think you're right. It's no longer possible to prevent kit sounds going to headphones, as confirmed on Page 38 of the TDW-20 manual; "...the entire kit's sound will remain in the headphones...". But it is a fairly rare requirement as you said, and people have been pleading for master and phones routings to be separated for other purposes for a long time. Strange that the OFF option was removed from the Master Output screen though, and replaced with an unchangeable On for Phones, as Direct Outputs have an OFF option. I guess it means that anyone wanting to use TDW-20 phones to monitor an entire band now has to get a PA mixer return feed minus drums, whereas before it was optional.