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2nd snare on TD-10?

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  • 2nd snare on TD-10?

    I've got a PD120 snare on order which will replace the Pintech AX13S snare in my son's setup. I would still like to keep the Pintech snare connected for the drum teacher to use when he does "repeat after me" type stuff. I've got all AUX inputs used (3 way CY14R in AUX1 and cowbell/gong/china trigger in AUX2). What is the best way to go here? Will a simple "Y" at the Snare input work best? Thanks in advance....

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    It should work just make sure it is male stereo to 2 female stereo. I used this to get extra cymbals on my TD-7 kit.(the sounds will be identical on the 2 pads) My advice is to get a "soft" Y not a "hard." Soft mean a male with 2 small cables connecting the 2 females and hard being the formed in plastic male to 2 females. The wieght may stress the TD input.

    Ted H.
    Ted H.


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      Thanks Ted and Chris - I'll make up a soft cable today from parts I have here. I realize I have to use stereo TRS connectors and that I won't be able to dial in a separate sound for the 2nd snare - not a biggie for me. Just didn't know how 2 piezos in parallel would behave. Hey - has anyone opened up the TD-10 to look at the bank of connectors -are they the open kind which can have their contacts bent/tightened by hand or are they the sealed unit kind? Probably the latter with printed circuit leads, huh? I do have 1 or 2 slightly marginal connections on the TD-10 already. There would really be a market for oversized plugs (by a few microns), wouldn't there? I have a lifelong battle with all 3 sizes of phone plugs! Howard