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Roland HD-1 Question

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  • Roland HD-1 Question


    I recently bought the HD-1. I was wondering if other users have the same problem as me.

    When you just tap the tom pads (during play you won't notice it) is sounds like there is something buzzing inside the pad. As if there is something not attached correct in there, or loose. I contacted Roland but they said, since the pads still work, they will not do anything.

    Is this normal? Has anyone got the same? I am just wondering if this could be a problem with the kit later on.

    I hope my English is ok..

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    First of all, welcome to the forum!

    Is this happening in all the tom pads or just one? If it is happening in all of the tom pads, then I would say it's a common design defect. Common or not, it's impossible to say whether it will cause problems down the line. I will say that Roland gear is pretty durable, and there's not really all that much that can go wrong with a pad in the first place.

    I'm sure this is annoying, but just like a dashboard rattle in a new car, it's not covered under the warranty. I would suggest you just keep the headphones on for now.

    Your English is very good, by the way.


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      The jack plugs are pushed all the way in? Sometimes they can be very stiff, especially when brand new.



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        Thanks! All three tom pads do the same, so I ques you are right about the common defect. And because Roland is so durable I thought this would be out of place. I'll see what happens, its probably nothing. But just like you said, like the dashboard, its too bad things will not stay in mint condition forever.

        The jacks are all the way in, so that can't be it.

        Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with the kit. Though it tends to wobble a bit on carpet. So I set it up by a wall which absorbs some of it. But that made it noisy for the neighbours, they later complained. I'm very glad I choose this over a FAME DD-505, the mesh-head snare is great! And IMHO makes up bit for the limited functions te module has!

        Thanks for your posts!