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Good hat stand for VH-11?

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  • Good hat stand for VH-11?

    I've been using my Pearl Eliminator for my VH-11, but it's not the best. It's a good hat stand but Pearl stands for some reason don't go very low. Even at its lowest setting, that big cylinder the VH-11 uses raises the hat higher than I would like it. Plus, the Eliminator has a problem where the hats spin. Plus, I would like to use the Eliminator for my acoustic set.

    So I'm looking for a new hat stand for the e-kit. The Pearl H900 looks good, but I'm concerned it will have the same height issues. And the local music shops don't have any of the cheaper stands on display.

    Can anybody recommend a good stand for the VH-11?


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    i use tama roadpro hh75w - pretty good.

    spinning is related to the rod - make sure that it's tighten then you'll have no problem.


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      Yeah for the Pearl Eliminator you have to do some tricky stuff to get to the bolt, then you tighten it, and the damn thing loosens in like a day :-P

      It wouldn't bother me on acoustics, it actually is pretty good b/c that way you wear out the hats evenly. But the e-hat only has a specific zone you're supposed to play. That's a real pain.