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a bit of a snag upgrading vers. 1.09

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  • a bit of a snag upgrading vers. 1.09

    well i wanted to upgrade to version 1.09 cause it seem that 7 has some value and i only have 6 so i went and bought a card reader and downloaded 1.9 from rolandus..i formatted a new 512m card in the td-20 and put it in the card reader..the read me file from the download says to copy the td20upd.prog and .rom files to the root dirctory of the card.. i did that and can see the two files on the flash card in my computer (i dragged them on there if that makes a difference). the read me files then say to put the card in the module, then turn it on and it's supposed to recognize the card and say something about the version but nothing happens. it doesn't recognize it . i can press the card button and the light flashes and shows a card there ready for backup but no auto recognition...any idea what im doing wrong? thanks

    i edited this post by the way..i thought i had another issue at first but i had a faulty card reader, had to exchange it..sorry if i confused anyone with my first post..
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    o.k. i finally got it..when they say to put the files in the root directory, i thought they meant the roland folder, then double click td folder and put it in that empty root directory since they are roland files..but you have to put it in the card directory next to the roland folder..computers arn't my strong point to say the least. they should have said..put it next to the roland folder, not in the roland folder, even though it's a roland file.that's o.k. though, even dummies like me finally get it sometimes.
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