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V-Drums > MidiSport > MIDI Record in SONAR7 > HELP

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  • V-Drums > MidiSport > MIDI Record in SONAR7 > HELP

    Hello again...

    [...asked this question here a few weeks ago, but I'm still stuck (so I figured I would start a new thread & explain all my connections)]

    Is there anybody out there who is successfully recording Roland V-Drums into SONAR as MIDI ???

    Here's my setup & it's not working:


    I have the V-Drums 'MIDI Out' (from the TD-6 Brain) connected to the MidiSport's 'MIDI In (Channel A)'.
    I have the MidiSport's 'USB Out' connected to my Audio PC (ADK Core 2).
    I have the Stereo Outs of my AI (Lynx Aurora8)...3 & 4...connected to the 'Mix In' jack on the TD-6.
    I have my headphones connected to the 'Phones' jack on the TD-6.

    In SONAR (7), I opened a blank MIDI Track & selected as the Input 'M-Audio 4X4 Anniv In A - Channel 10'.
    The Output of that Track only allows me to select '1-M-Audio 4X4 Anniv Out A'.

    I opened a blank Audio Track & selected 'Selected Track Inputs' > 'Track 6 - MIDI Drums' (the name of my MIDI Track) as the Input
    The Output of that Track is set to 'ASIO Lynx AES16 Play 02' (which is physical Outputs 3 & 4).

    The TD-6 is set up according to the manual, which is 'MIDI Common' > 'Local Control: Off' (these are the instructions for recording MIDI out of the V-Drums while monitoring the audio of the selected internal drum kit).

    What I want to do is:
    1) Record the V-Drums into SONAR as MIDI (so as to have separation of the various Drum components...& to be able to assign an outside patch or VI later, if desired).
    2) Monitor previously recorded Audio Tracks (Acoustic Guitar, which I am playing the drums to) out of SONAR (presently sent to physical outs 3 & 4...connected to 'Mix In' on the TD-6).

    The MIDI Track is armed, as is the Audio

    What is happening is:
    No V-Drums audio in the phones
    A huge delay in the SONAR MIDI Track between the time when a drumhead is struck & is recorded

    The MIDI IS recording, as I said, but w/ a huge delay...& without my being able to hear the sound of the drums.

    At this point, I am so burnt out on this venture that I can no longer think straight; & need some help (as I'm sure it's something profoundly dumb I am doing). I think I am messed up on how my MIDI & Audio Track are tied together...or maybe I need another MIDI cable connected from the MIDI Out on the MidiSport to the MIDI In on the TD-6...I'm not sure.

    Please help...thanks,


    ADK Pro Audio Core 2 | Intel DP35DP MoBo/Chipset | Intel Q6600 Quad Core CPU | 4 GB SuperTalent DDR2-800 CL5 RAM | Seagate 160 GB SATA II Primary HD | Western Digital 320 GB SATA II Audio HD | Win XP Pro SP3 | Lynx Aurora8 ~ AES16 | Echo Audio Layla24 | Universal Audio UAD-1 | SONAR PE 7.0.2 | WaveLab 5.0.1 | GEAR PRO Mastering 7

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    If the local control is turned to off on the TD-6, then a MIDI cable would be required to go back to the MIDI in of the TD-6 from the MIDI out of the interface.

    Strange there seems to be a delay though.
    I would tackle the MIDI connections first.
    TD-6 MIDI out ---------> Input A of interface.
    Output A of interface --> TD-6 MIDI in

    Local control on TD-6 set to off.
    SONAR MIDI track armed, to record with the output A selected, and MIDI thru on.

    Now in theory you should be able to hear your drums when you play them in your headphones.

    See if that gets things moving in the right direction.


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      Had to go w/ this:


      I first hooked it up as you stated...but all that did was give me the audio in the phones at the same delay I mentioned earlier...which was completely unusable since I didn't have real-time monitoring w/ my background tracks.

      So I turned Local Control ON...& sent regular ol' Audio to SONAR (as shown in the new diagram)...& I now record MIDI AND Audio into SONAR simultaneously (albeit the MIDI records at the point of delay).

      So now...I'm monitoring my background tracks in real-time (obviously) out of SONAR...& monitoring my drumming in real-time out of the TD-6.

      I'll have to align the MIDI & Audio at a later time...(big PITA)...but it's the only way it works. I think it's either the MidiSport or it's drivers (causing the delay). I DID notice that...when Local Control is switched back on...SONAR reverts back to the generic drivers (USB Audio Device)...not recognizing the MidiSport drivers. The TD-6 brain still outputs MIDI w/ Local Control On, tho.