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Default pan settings of TD-12...or a bios update problem

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  • Default pan settings of TD-12...or a bios update problem

    Hi all

    I have updated my TD-12's bios 2 weeks ago which is definately unnecessary, that updated bios presents nothing new at all. But I think its default pan settings are diffirent from the pan settings in my original bios.

    Can any TD-12 owner help me about the pan settings in their own module so that I can see the diffirence between pan settings of diffirent bios versions ?

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    It seems most unlikely to me that pan settings would change with a minor update. But each kit has separate pan settings for each trigger, and even head and rim can be different. So would you care to list your 1200 (50x12x2) L15–CTR–R15 settings for comparison?

    What change did you actually notice?

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