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Pd 125 snare not cutting it

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  • Pd 125 snare not cutting it

    I just can't seem to get the right sound or feel out of this pad. I have a td-12 and I'm still new to e drums . Can anyone help me out with some basic settings ? I know I can go out and get v expressions but I still would like to learn how to do things on my own.

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    Sound and feel are two very different things, and both are going to be difficult to answer without knowing how you think they're not right.

    Have you set the trigger type to PD125?

    Try reducing Mask Time to 0 on the TRIGGER, ADVANCED, SCAN screen which helps to get smoother buzz rolls.



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      A mesh head drum will never feel quite like an acoustic drum. A looser head will provide more rebound, but too loose is not good for the components. A tighter head will feel less "springy".

      I would encourage you to get at least one VEX pack (I have Master Picks). That way you can see what the module is capable of. Also, using Vdrumlib will give you access to certain settings that are "locked out" on the TD12.

      Ambiance, reverb, compression, and multi-effects are parameters you will want to bring into play. I find the the "Enhance" setting in Multi-Effects helpbring out the "snap" of the snare and toms. Avoid using it on cymbals, though. Causes a "hissy" sound.


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        Thanks for the response I'll give it a try.


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          Originally posted by snick59
          Thanks for the response I'll give it a try.
          I have the master 50 also for my TD-8 and what a huge difference! Well worth the price....