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Upgrading TD6V to other module

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  • Upgrading TD6V to other module

    I use a TD6V, but I am in expanding, so which module would you suggest. I use hungarian Padtech pads, and cymbals. I have some Roland pads too.
    I can afford an used TD8 or TD10 (with TDW1) or TD9, TD12 would be a hard peace. Should I spend more for a TD12? Is TD8 worth an afford to TD6V?
    Thanks anyway.
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    Hi, I am sure everyone will say to get a TD12 or TD20. I almost went into debt to get a TD20 about the time the economy went upside down. Then I thought I should wait, so in the mean time I purchased a second TD6V and I am really happy. I have also started learning how to get more out of the TD6v than before. I run the two units into seperate channels with one being my basic drum kit and the other being all the accessories and secondary cymbals etcetera. I have created all the same programing on both modules, so if one goes down I can still get through the night with a few wire changes. This all makes great sense to me because I work out in public a lot. Don't know if I will go for the TD20 later or not, this is very comfortable for me. Just food for thought.


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      I went from the 6 to the 9, more suited for me, and i like it very much....

      the 9 is the newest roland module with the newest sounds....
      TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
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        I upgraded from a TD-6V to a TD12. I've been really happy with that. I was tempted to upgrade to a TD-10 exp, but decided to practice some patience, save my money more, and wait for the best TD-12 deal to come along on eBay I could find. This way I got a more modern module. TD-6V to a TD-8? Personally...nah, I wouldn't do that.
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          I just upgraded from the td 6v to the td 20. Took all the pain in one hit. I did a gig last week with it. The difference is unbelievable. The response from the HH and toms was great. My recommendation is to save your money and go the whole hog..


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            Originally posted by Engine Room
            My recommendation is to save your money and go the whole hog..
            I agree. I love my TD-8, but I think if you're going to upgrade, you need to take a bigger leap. Save those pennies until you can go with a TD-12 or TD-20. That way, when you upgrade, you'll REALLY hear and feel the difference.
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              i would prefer to upgrade to the 9 which i think it must be close (at least on quality and sounds) to the 20 and get better pads.You should get an overall of the 20 and cost u cheaper

              At least this is what i will do unless the GAS kills me on the way...
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                Used TD12 - same sound engine as the 20 ,amazing module, Job done
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