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Should I replace foam cones if they look OK?

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  • Should I replace foam cones if they look OK?

    I replaced a foam cone and mesh head on a pd125 and I think it triggers better. The difference is subtle,but it seems easier to play.The original mesh head was very dirty and I cleaned it. It still works fine. The new mesh head seems very slightly different in response.

    I am wondering if the new foam cone is the only real difference. It seems a bit firmer and the top of the cone is smaller,since it has not been pushed down yet.

    I got a great deal on a beat up td20 kit. Should I replace all the foam cones ,even if they look OK? This kit was in a store for 4 years and beaten to the point where the vh-12 and 1 cy-14 don't work. It is under warranty,so Roland was great about repairing them.

    Does it make a difference to replace the large foam piece in the kick as well?