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snare and cymbal mount on the mds-9

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  • snare and cymbal mount on the mds-9

    I really like the snare mount with the rotating L rod and the "ball-clamp" cymbal mount of the mds-9 stand (td-9) but I can't find any of them on the roland web page.

    I searched for snare mount and cymbal mount but didn't find what I wanted.
    I read the mds-9 description and it doesn't state any names for either mounts. the owner's manual for the td-9 and mds-9 gave me a lot of information but unfortunately, nothing that could help me.

    the mds-9 (picture) is interesting but I've so far been unable to find information related to my concern.

    ps: i did check v-drums.com and the rolandus.com pages but couldn't find anything.

    so my question is, what are those mounts? pearl offers stands with their new concept, the gyro-loc tilter but i'm more interested in something I could mount directly on a drum rack rather than a complete stand.

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    I found this on Musician's Friend for a cymbal stand. Not sure if it is an exact match, though...
    Taye Boom Arm

    I have not seen a comparable snare mount.


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      Originally posted by Drew Armentrout
      There is no model # for the MDS-9 cymbal booms (or the hi-hat mount or snare mount) at this time. These hardware accessories are packaged with the MDS-9 stand.


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        that sucks... I know someone who would have gotten one of those snare mount hehe