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Rack Extensions

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  • Rack Extensions

    Ok I have the basic Td-3 Rack but I need to extend upwards for cymbals etc. How would you all recommend doing this?

    I also want to mount 2 congas on the side of my rack (past my low toms) how should I do that so that I can play them? They need to be slightly angled so that I can get them to a comfortable playing height. Of course you hit them hard and they are heavy, so how would I make sure that they don't move?

    This is turning in to a cage! :s Hopefully!

    SPD-S is going on hold until I have room for it on the rack, and once I have got the money after buying the rack gear!


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    How about a 2nd hand rack to add to the one you have? I've seen a few on the forum for around $50.

    Do you mean "real" congas? You're probably better with a proper conga stand - as you say, they are heavy.

    I think we get carried away sometimes trying to put everything on the one rack - there are advantages in having all on 1 rack, but you also risk having to adjust the sensitivity to avoid crosstalk vibration.


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      Yeah I know I need another rack but I am trying to find out which one would be best for me and how to link to two?

      Yeah I do mean real congas (electronic ones dont work lols) I already have bongos on my rack. My conga stand wont go down low enough they have to be slightly leaning over to get low enough for me to play them from my drum stool so I thought attaching them to a rack somehow would be a good idea.



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        Two words.....Gibraltar parts. Look over at Musician's Friend. Gibraltar makes every conceivable clamp, tube, or holder you could possibly want and they're great quality. Pick your parts and design it yourself. It's more fun that way!
        Hawk snare, toms, and bass; Hart ECII crashes & ride; VH-10 Hihat; Iron Cobra double-bass.
        "I never play the same thing twice...sometimes because I simply can't remember it." - John Paul Jones


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          Originally posted by Fullback32 View Post
          Two words.....Gibraltar parts.
          I have been looking at them, I cant see what part to use to stack two racks. I might be just not using my brain here, but it looks as is most of their stuff is to build on the flat not upwards!

          Sorry for the REALLY slow reply but I have been on holiday. Whilst there I decided that I think I will get all Gibraltar clamps etc but buy scaffolding poles to make the tubes. I think this will be the most cost effective. Has anybody done this? is it the right thing to do?



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            Gibraltar do indeed make joiners. I used four of them to stack two Gibby racks together for my current kit configuration.


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              Here's a photo of the joiners (click image for price from Musicians Friend)


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                Awesome cheers just what im looking for. Now to get the scaffold tubes and all the clamps and ahh... money dam this G.A.S!


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                  Glad I could help


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                    Slight problem I cant seem to find any in the uk :s

                    Does anybody know of any?

                    (my dad has a problem with buying from the US not sure why he says something to do with taxes and waste of fuel expensive shipping etc)


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                      Hmmm... that part I can't help you with..... unless you are OK with ordering from Australia. I can point you to the shop I get my Gibby stuff from....

                      The Music Den


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                        I doubt that even more

                        But a quick question (off topic) could you estimate a price that you made your mesh toms for? I am (long tearm plan) converting all my drums to meshes and was wondering whether it would be cheaper to buy a load of 8" toms and convert or a load of pd-85's? for the snare I would get a 12" and convert or a Pd-125. But that is the long term plan along with a TD-20 brain.

                        G.A.S G.A.S G.A.S!!!


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                          It is definitely cheaper to DIY (at least it was for mine).
                          The toms I made mine from are just cheapo 8x8" ones. I then cut them in half so I got two 8x4" toms and added Roland mesh heads and my DIY triggers with home made foam cones.

                          Rough cost:
                          8x8 tom = $80
                          Roland mesh head = $30
                          Piezos = $0.50
                          BIG bag of foam = $5 (will make hundreds of cones!)
                          Brackets and hardware = roughly $30 (for all four toms)

                          So each tom effectively cost me under $100


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                            Ace. Thanks again!


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                              You're welcome again