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ddrum acoustic triggers

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  • ddrum acoustic triggers

    I'm planning on converting my acoustic kit to an electronic one by:

    -removing the heads
    -replacing them with mesh
    -attaching the ddrum acoustic triggers

    Has anyone done this? How are the ddrum triggers? What about the dual-zone snare trigger? Will this idea work with my snare? Are there any cross-talk issues between the rim and mesh head?

    I was also thinking of just hot-gluing a piezo to a mesh kick drum head (off set of course, so the pedal doesn't make direct contact). Will this work?



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    Hey Jason.........nice name!

    Anyway, that is exactly what I did for my conversion. Ddrum pro triggers with Hart Dynamics mesh heads. I felt that the heads were a bit springy for me, so I filled the drums with foam I had laying around and even have a little touching the head, which makes it feel much more like an acoustic head. My kick is a 16" floor tom with the Pearl jungle jig, and I used a ddrum redshot for the trigger. Also filled with foam.


    Attached Files
    Edrums- KD-120, PD-125 (3), PD-105 (3), Yamaha PCY155, PCY-135 (4)
    Module - Roland TD20X
    Software - Pro Tools and Toontrack Superior


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      Well this is the path I've taken over the past year and a half...
      I replaced my mylar heads with Pearl Muffle Heads (mesh) and built my own internal triggers. I bought a TD-3, didn't like that so bought a TD-6V. Had too many problems with the internal triggers so started buying Roland rim triggers. Then replaced my mesh heads with mylar heads and now I'm looking for ddrum pro triggers because I'm mad at Roland.
      All in all, it's been a fun way to spend lots of money and make my kit quiet for my wife and daughter and then loud and amplified for me.

      But hey, that's Rock 'n' Roll eh!
      The blues are here to take me and to drag me down to hell...


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        Hi Jason,

        What module are you using?

        ps: check my signature - same way you wanna do it I use them live on mylar too. HTH


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          Thanks for all the great replies - I am looking for a Roland TD 6, don't have one yet, but I'm looking very hard.

          pchanning - Where did you get the rubber rims and how did you fasten them to the toms?

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