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PD105 with TD-8

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  • PD105 with TD-8

    Sorry if this has been answered, but I couldn't find it anywhere

    I have a V-Custom set with TD-8 module I was wondering if anyone here has had luck using a PD105 for the snare. I asked Roland if there were any settings I needed to adjust, or what pad type to set it as and they just said plug it in with the PD80r settings and it should work. The problem is the rim only triggers at like 1/4 Velocity. No matter how hard I hit it, it is too soft and according to the velocity meter only 1/4 of full. I tried different cables, but it functions the same. Any thoughts?

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    It should work fine, so which trigger type did you actually select, 8RA?

    And the cables you've tried are Tip/Ring/Sleeve stereo?

    You're sure it is the rim sound you hear and not just a quiet head sound?