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td-3 QUESTION [link two td-3 modules?]

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  • td-3 QUESTION [link two td-3 modules?]

    Was wondering if there is a way to link two td-3 modules together?

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    doesnt it have a mix in like the other modules?

    so either a single cable from headphones out to mix in,

    or a y cable from l & r output to mixin....

    otherwise through a small mixer...
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      The easiest way is via the mix-in jacks. Since you are using two TD-3s, then you don't have the concern about two different sound set (whichis only a concern if you care). The other thing to remember about this is that cross-talk settings on pads connected to the first TD-3 will not affect pads connected to the second TD-3. Other than that, the mix-in jack method is easy and great!
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        awesome thanks for the help!! the reason i want to due this is cheaper module's and i want more inputs for more drums the only drums sounds i use are the acoustic and maybe some of the hip hop sounds other than that those other sounds are a waste..... thx again for the help