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Question about Hihat settings on TD8

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  • Question about Hihat settings on TD8

    I have a roland TD8 and I am trying to achieve a good hihat sound. I been using the Jazz hat. But for some reason it sound swishy sounding when playing it open. I tried setting decay but it doesn't do much differance. Unfortunately the pedal doesnt have much in between open and close.
    I also tried the 14eg hat and it dont sound bad open. But it is louder when playing closed. Can somebody give some ideas and some settings to achieve a decent Hihat sound.

    Thanks in advance.
    Roland TD-8 Mod, DIY burgandy Mapex drums 12" snare, 8" 10" and 12" rack toms, 14" rack floor tom, 22" Bass drum , 3 cy-15r cymbals, one for the ride 2 for the crashes and cy-14c for hi hat.

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    TD-8 Hi Hat

    I'm can't remember what I have my setting at, but set your pitch and decay to zero.

    Scroll you hi hat setting to the very first one.

    Hit the '+' button once followed by the 'preview' button.

    Write down the number of the setting(s) you think might work. Be picky. Hopefully you'll find a couple.

    Go back and tweak with pitch and decay, ambience, etc.

    You could copy your kit several times, then just back and change the hi hat on each one. Then play each kit for awhile, then switch.