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just wondering why

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  • just wondering why

    It seems that V Expressions Ltd has no competition, at least that I'm aware of. With all of the available e-drum knowledge on these boards and elsewhere on the net, you'd think someone else would tweak some kits and put them up for sale.

    No offense to the vex guys, but others can do what they do. There are only so many sounds on the Roland modules. I realize that the combinations of sounds, ambiance, kits, etc. may seem almost endless. That's why I think there's plenty of room for marketplace competition.

    Lot's of folks are out of work. Those of you who have the talent and enjoy creating new kit combinations - why not give it a shot?

    I would be very interested in hearing you guys' great sounding kits. I know the vex guys do kits that are sort of modeled after well known drummers, but how about some like: "big deep round open kick - tight cracking snare - 1st tom slightly ringing with a bit of a resonance head pitch bend" and so on?

    I realize that this will probably be deleted quickly, and I am treading on banned member ground, but I honestly have wondered why no others have tweaked out their favorites and offered them up for scrutiny & possible $.

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    My first thought regarding competition was the same as yours, but then I realized that the amount of time required, compared to the small amount they charge, seems more a bit of a "labor of love" than a huge profit-maker. I'm sure the VEX guys are not having annual sales parties on Maui. So anyone who wanted to get a piece of the action would have to realize that there are probably easier ways to make a buck.

    ....but I honestly have wondered why no others have tweaked out their favorites and offered them up for scrutiny & possible $.
    Regarding sharing of kits, there's a whole section of the forum dedicated to sharing. Free. Just check "Custom Kits" from the main forum page.


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      Alan and Chris opened my ears and maybe also the ears of some people at Roland.
      Vexpressions was the reason for me to buy the TD-20.
      Same for the TDW-20 I have high expectations from Vexpressions.
      On the new CF-card there is enough room for competition!
      For now I have more than 600 sets made by Vexpressions and some of them still surprises me.
      When something sounds good! Stick with it!

      Roland TDW-20/HPD-15/ Korg Wavedrums/Vexpressions


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        My thoughts are the same as Colquhoun's. I doubt anyone is getting rich making VEX kits.


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          I thought of doing it only because I would like to hire a very seasoned mastering engineer to help tweak my kit. I thought of selling kits to help pay for my own costs. I would be happy to do this with vex. They said they are working on this already.

          Most great mixing and mastering engineers will do things more comparible to what you hear on hit records,although vex has found ways to set instruments in unusual tunings to make them sound completely different. I have had good succuess with my tdw20 by tuning certain instruments +or-20 to get a tighter sound.

          Im think vex could have gone much farther with ambience settings. I prefer my own settings. You have to go through the rooms and details to find something that has a natural sound. This is not that difficult if you have good monitors,and are used to recording mixing.



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            Why is there no competition? Never really thought about it. For myself, I know that I wouldn't try to compete with them as I am WAY too lazy to bother with it.
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