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Cymbal volume inadequate?

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  • Cymbal volume inadequate?

    I am a total noob to this forum, so I'll appreciate any feedback I can get from you more experienced users. I have a TD-3 head and a kit I bought USED from a guy who had used it for a couple years. My problem is: when I play the kit, the volume of the notes from the drums is on another level entirely from the cymbals. When hooked up to a board and speakers for rehearsal, the drum volume is cool, the cymbals are almost inaudible. Am I doing something wrong? Can the cymbals "wear out" over time" Are the relative volumes of each surface individually adjustable in the head?
    Thanks for any thoughts you may have...

    - MJD

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    While the piezos can come loose on a cymbal pad, that would normally cause "cutting out" rather than a decrease of volume. Have you checked all your cables or tried adjusting your settings on the module?
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      Adjusting the settings at the module is my next step. I left the kit at the keyboard player's house where I rehearse, so I won't get my paws back on it until tomorrow.


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        CY-8's seem to be rather plastic and sensitive. You could just take a plastic plate, drill a hole in the middle, get your hands on a cheramic peizo with a 24-35mm diameter and solder some wires and a stereo out 1/4" to it, and then glue the piezo to the plastic plate with a layer or two of double sided foam tape. You will notice which is plus and minus if you test it on the module while soldering. Then you're set!

        If you want dual trigger and choke you can add that later by reading the forums.

        Or you could just spend a lot more money and buy a new CY-8.


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          It's possible the previous owner had increased drum levels, but perhaps used acoustic cymbals. You can set the volume level of each pad separately in each kit (Page 25), and also the foot closed "chick" volume level in each kit (Page 42). But it might be best to start with a factory reset (Page 43).



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