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MDS 20 stand will not sit level

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  • MDS 20 stand will not sit level

    I just got a td-20 kit that was a display model. It had not been taken care of. I cannot get the side legs of the mds-20 to sit level. I have all the arrows on the rack on the top pointing at the center of the clamp. The side arms are on a downward angle.
    Let me know if there are any suggestions.

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    Thoose right angle T clamps on the rack are not the best product at all to begin with. Honestly, I think the wole rack is designed to be un-level on the side bars which is the only conclusion I came to after spending almost 4 hours one night trying everything I could to level it out.

    Probabaly not the answer you're looking for but the only way to quickly and easily fix that is in replacing all the clamps with gibraltars right angle clamps which would set you back about $80-100.

    I put some Gibraltars on the right side rack and the bars are perfectly level now and it's a MUCH stronger product all around for this application.

    Here's a link to a seach of that item.
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      have you tried loosening the ones that seem to be the main reason for it not going where you want and giving it a kind of twist? I moved my hi hat to the middle the other week and then my rack wouldn't go back together squarely, but after a bit of loosening and twisting etc it all went back !


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        I had that rack and the clamps are angled ...a pain in the @#$. I sold mine!
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          hmm on further thought i dont actually have the mds 20 anyway, never mind!


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            The bottom line is that the T-Fittings are made so the horizontal tubes are at an angle. If this is the problem you are having, you can't do much about it.