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TD20 Response Speed

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  • TD20 Response Speed

    I'm a new fish here on the board, but not a new fish musically. I just picked up my TD20 with the expansion board and have it all updated. I haven't been on the drums for a while, but tonight I managed to squeeze out a few triples and pretty fast prog-rock style drum rolls and I was faster than the TD20! In other words, the pad wasn't able to drum as fast as I was! I recorded it, and listened to it, and there is definitely a hit missing within the pattern. Now, I'm sure this is impossible - drums this expensive have GOT to have a faster response than any human on the planet, no? Or no? Any advice from you experienced e-drummers?

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    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your purchase.

    Often times strikes very close together are cancelled by the retrigger cancel function, which is adjustable on the TD20 in the trigger settings section. It is very useful to prevent inadvertant triggering (such as when the kick beater does a little bounce after the main strike, as is its wont), cross talk (other pads triggering another), and other unwanted triggering. Just keep decreasing the retrigger cancel until it is catching all your strokes. BarT will be along in a bit to give the final word on the matter.


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      i would think that is impossible..my td-10 even can handle a long stroke roll as fast as i can play it..although if i have my trigger sensitivity set to low it would create miss hits.
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        adjust your retrigger setting, read the manual section on triggers


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          Groovy. (sorry, you'll have to get used to me talking like that - I'm ancient) I knew that there had to be an answer. Thanks for the tips.

          Read the manual? Hmmmmmm. I've never done anything like that before. . .guess there's a first time for everything.



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            Welcome to the forum! and yes do read the manual, all kinds of tips there for you..and I am glad that there are other ancient or near ancient drummers around...gives me hope....
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              Groovy is cool with me! Welcome aboard and welcome to TD20 land


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                Setting Mask Time to 0 improves response to fast strokes, especially for the snare.



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                  God bless retrigger! Set that mother down and she's aaaaaaaalllllllllllllll good! These babies are fantastic. Can't wait to midi everything up to my Korg Oasys and a few hundred computers and see what we can do.

                  Thanks for the tip.

                  Any V-Drummers around the Chicago area want to hook up, I think a multi-amplified e-drum circle like the old days might be wicked cool!

                  Gotta hit somethin', might as well be drums.


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                    I lowerded Threshold just a bit and raised the retrigger cancel.

                    Very important is that I raised the scan time to 3.0, now a roll sounds acoustic as clean as triggered.

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