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alesis usb pro pad comparison?

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  • alesis usb pro pad comparison?

    I would like to get a sense of the alesis pads.

    First question: How do the alesis usb pro pads and surge cymbals compare
    to Roland's overall?

    Do the alesis pads compare to the Roland entry level
    pads and cymbals?



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    They compare, but not well:

    New Alesis USB Pro kit

    anyone tried alesis pads with roland module?

    alesis usb pro kit

    Do you read forums or just paste the same questions at multiple sites?



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      Very nice BarT. Somehow I missed that "tried Alesis Pads w/ Roland" In there is a pretty good link that shows somebody DIY some cheap pads into mesh. It explains alot to me.

      I did previously read the other two threads that you mention, and ...

      I will add, however, that in all the other forum searches that I did -- there's not much good comparison of the alesis usb pro pads with others. Some quick and dirty stuff for sure -- but nothing that tries to shead some real light on these pads and cymbals.

      Thanks very much though.