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Urgent help for a noob.... [TD-8 kit etc.]

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  • Urgent help for a noob.... [TD-8 kit etc.]

    Help please - I think Im just about ready to fulfill a life's ambition and learn to play the drums. Space and small children mean an elctronic kit is vital for me...but having never picked up as much as a drumstick before - I'm worried that the £550 I am about to pay for a Roland TD8 kit is a big mistake.

    Is this a good start for me as a novice -the guy who seems v nice and v genuine says the drums are c 4 years old but in mint condition....I am collecting tonight hopefully with cash, but am just beginning to get cold feet.

    I will need some sticks (no idea what to buy) but am looking for a little reassurance that this is not a stupid waste of a lot of money!

    Most importantly I guess, is the question of whether I will be able to re-sell if the bug turns out not to be for me!?

    I has considered getting a cheap amp (for when the kids are not asleep) but cant find anyhting on ebay that's within budget....are there any real alternatives to the very expensive Roland amps and speakers (available in the UK of course)

    Also - some good tuition books or DVDs would be ideal - again all suggestions will be very very gratefully received!

    can anyone point me in the right direction(s) please....
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    It's a nice kit and a bargain (good luck)
    Could resell it quite easily
    Better than a start kit, more advanced module brain, lots of features, most here would like to own it!
    The upgraded CY 12r cymbals are £120 new and the CY 15r is £180 so he has spent money on it.
    TD 8 sold alone would fetch maybe £300 ish (so as a complete kit u have a bargain!)
    The updated version of that model is a TD 12 kit but u r looking at £1800 for one of those.
    "But noticed seller has 0 feedback so use Paypal"
    Drumsticks - i like Vic Firth 5NB Nylon Tip
    Look for a keyboard amp on ebay, you get the same dynamics as a roland drum amp good sound more power and cheaper
    Books - Pete Riley, Crash Course Drums (starts from scratch) (Waterstones £10)
    online lessons - freedrumlessons.com (very good and free)
    Ultimate Drumming Solution by Jack bennett (superb)
    find him on "icanplaydrums.com"
    Youtube is very handy too
    Drum lessons with a good tutor are a good idea too if u have the funds.

    Don't forget to buy your monthly Rhythm mag (any good newsagent) lots of tips, tricks, backing tracks, interesting features, beginner section, interviews with top drummers.

    Welcome to the forum and i'm sure you will love drumming and will catch the bug
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      Hell of a bargain & very nice set. If you do not buy it someone here probably will. One suggestion thought, I noticed the seller has no feed back. I would suggest paying though papal just as a safety precaution too.
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