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My Td6 not playing rim on tom and i can not add pad

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  • My Td6 not playing rim on tom and i can not add pad

    My Td6kx not playing rim on tom
    I bought a snare drum as pd125 and I would like to use the pad stayed out ... but we can not because I am not playing tom on the rim and then dividing the sound of the tom pad with two stereo cable mono mono not playing the new tom.
    On display there are on tom rim the dashes -----.

    I tried to reset it but nothing to do

    Sorry for my english but i am italian
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    It's not very clear what you want to do. You've bought a PD-125 to use as the snare, and now you want to use the PD-105 which was the snare as Tom 4? And you do NOT wish to play on the tom rim? You've tried a stereo to dual mono Y-cable but can't use the second pad?

    If I've guessed correctly, then you need to make a change described on Page 70-71 of the TD-6V manual under "Connecting Two Pads to Trigger Input 5/6 (TOM2/AUX) and 7/8 (TOM3/4)". You just need to change the trigger type for input 8 from Tom 3 Rim to PD125, and by doing so change T3:R07 to T4:H08. (PD125 used here because that's the recommended setting for a PD-105 on a TD-6V.)

    According to Roland, tom rims of mesh pads cannot be used on a TD-6V. But you can select a tom rim to change its trigger type by using shift with the arrow buttons to cycle through all heads and rims.

    If this is not what you want to do, please try to explain further.

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      Listen to BarT. He fixed my rig. I now have 5 mesh toms on the TD-6V, without rims of course.