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Changing battery in TD-8 - help!

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  • Changing battery in TD-8 - help!

    My band has a little downtime, so I wanted to change the battery, even though I never got a warning from the LED screen. It's several years old and never been changed.

    I've read threads about TD20's and TD10's with low batteries. Is it the same for a TD-8? A CR2032 watch battery?

    There is no USB port on the back, so I guess I can't download my settings?

    Do I leave it plugged in while changing battery??

    Can I do it myself??

    Thanks for the help you guys. The store where I bought the kit and do my business was no help. the Roland website didn't help either.

    - - - Biff

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    Yes, it is the same CR2032 watch battery as other modules. But they seem to last much longer on a TD-8 and I don't think many people have changed them on that module.

    If you have a MIDI to PC cable, you could bulk dump settings to MIDI-OX. If not, then leaving it plugged in would be the only way to avoid restarting from factory settings. I think it should be easy to do yourself.