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CY-12R Sensitive

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  • CY-12R Sensitive

    Hi All,

    Im a complete beginner on drums and just bagged myself a bargain td-6kx to learn on. With that in mind, this might be completely normal, but here goes...

    I have the CY-12R set as the Ride, but it is really sensitive! i only need to tap the frame (or any other pad) and it sets it off.

    I've tried swapping the cable, but it doesnt make any difference.

    Is this normal? If not, is there anything i can do to stop this?

    Many thanks!

  • #2
    You probably need to set the sensitivity. Grab your manual and start tweaking. I don't have the TD-6, but there might already be a default setting for the CY-12. Take a look and see.


    • #3
      It sounds like crosstalk. My cy-8 used to trigger if I hit the rim of the floor tom.


      • #4
        Cheers for the advice. Had a play with the crosstalk and sensitivity, working perfectly now.

        I love this kit ;-)

        Thanks again.