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TD 6V Questions [Peart tambourine & clap/woodblock]

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  • TD 6V Questions [Peart tambourine & clap/woodblock]

    Haven't posted here for a long time. I am just now getting back into my drums again. Anyway, I have 2 FatKat pedals, one on acoustic (front) kit and one on the electronic (back) kit. It's basically a Neil Peart Satelite set-up. I use the trigger pedals for aux. sounds such as tambourines etc. My dilema is when I am assigning patches the sounds don't really sound bad. But when I add my loud music and have to turn the modules and mixer way up the tambourine doesn't sound like a tambourine anymore. Not that it sounds that great to begin with. Does anyone have an idea as to a setting for the patch or module or something that may aid in the quality of the tamb. sound. Also if there are any Neil fans listening there is a sound that he uses in songs such as Red Sector A, Mystic Rhythms, The Big Money, The Enemy Within, to name a few. The sound kind of reminds me of a clap and woodblock at the same time. He usually uses it as he would a china cymbal if that makes any sence at all. I know this post probably isn't worded real well, but it's almost 1:30 a.m. and I am getting tired. Please feel free to ask questions for clarification.

    I posted this in a different part of the forum and got no responces. I think I should have put it here to start with. Some of you have probably read this already. Sorry.

    Thanks guys.