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PMA-5 Software and MIDI

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  • PMA-5 Software and MIDI

    Greetings V-Drummers. This one goes out to the owners and users of the PMA-5.

    I'm aware that this device has software to connect it to a personal computer. I'm told it's got a Pro Tools-style setup. Can anyone show me a screen shot? I'm curious to see what exactly it's like.

    Also, does anyone have any experience importing MIDI files to this device? What I'd like to do is either import MIDIs to it so I can tinker with them, or write files in the PMA and export them as standard MIDIs to share with collaborators. Thanks in advance!!!


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    I think the software and computer cable was an optional extra and hasn't been available for a long time. It's also a very long shot that we have anyone here who has actually used it. But best of luck just in case.

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