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Need some support [Pintech kit with TD-8]

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  • Need some support [Pintech kit with TD-8]


    I have a Pintech digital drumkit and a Roland TD-8 module. I have some problems with both the volume-level and the sensitivity. I want to be able to diversify between playing ghost notes and hard notes.

    Today I went to a sound engineer who didn't manage to solve the problem. When he tried the module together with a Roland kit the volume was great and, so the sensitivity. He thought that maybe there is a hidden catch or lock or something in the module, which prevent the pad from working as it's supposed to. He also mentioned another way to solve this problem. He said that maybe you can boose the in-signal to the pad with a type of dist-controller or something, and then maybe the volume out will be higher? I'm critical to this way of dealing with it. I want these things to work like it should. I think there is a problem with the trigger in some way because it doesn't respond to every hit whether you play hard or soft.

    Do you have a salvation to my problems?

    More info: Sensitivity right now is between 5-10 and the volume is in maximumlevel on every controll. I don't understand why?!?!?!

    On beforehand, thank you

    Best Regards


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    Someone posted here not long ago talking about their Pintech-Roland kit. Have you tried the search function? Also, have you tried different pad types in the trigger setup section to see if there's something that works better for you?


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      Pintech publish recommended settings for a TD-6V. Most if not all should be the same for a TD-8: Pintech USA's Initial Settings for Roland TD-6V Modules (PDF).