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Traps E450 Module

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  • Traps E450 Module

    Anyone have any knowledge of the Traps E450 Drum Module ? I'm looking at getting my first drum module and I've seen this at a decent price but I've got a feeling that it's a decent price for a reason, i.e. it's crap. Any advice would be welcome. It will be fed by my first diy edrum kit if that makes any difference.


    Sorry I've posted this in totally the wrong forum. Too early in the morning for me. It won't let me delete it so could someone maybe move it to the right forum for me please ? Second post and I broke the forums already. I fail.
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    A couple of previous mentions (though not much about the actual module):

    Traps E400 DIY

    Roland TD3KW or Jobeky ProX/Custom?



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      The Module is rubbish.Its not that sensitive to fast and soft rolls.Stay away from the module.If you do buy it then I'd suggest you change the module and cymbals.The cymbal piezos come apart after a few weeks and one has to break the quarter inch jack to get into it and resolder the thin wires.I replaced the triggers with redshots and am going to invest in a roland module next then cymbals.