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Question for the Vex Team - Bonzo!

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  • Question for the Vex Team - Bonzo!


    I have a question regarding the Bonzo kit in the professor's pack. The overall volume of the kit is much greater than the other kits. I don't think its simply related to the fader settings. Is this due to some compressor settings? Was it on purpose? My guess is that it was from a different programmer with a different way of putting the kit together. I actually like how the overall drums sound here, and I will be mapping over some of the other kits to apply the same overall sound to the drums.

    I aguess this is also a question for SD, does the new VDL come with a way to review ambiance and other settings?


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    I haven't checked it, but it might be that the master compressor for that particular kit is pushed a little. If I remember correctly, I bumped the master compressor's gain/volume to match those Bonzo drum track recordings on the net a little better. Feel free to bump it down a hair or so if you need to tweak for output. Try NOT to adjust mixer settings. Even if the master compressor's gain/volume is at 0 (which is highly unlikely on my expansions), still drop it to your liking.

    Glad you're enjoying the kits! Oh, and yes - I did both - just at different times.

    Hope that helps!
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