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KD-85 and DW-8000 Issue

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  • KD-85 and DW-8000 Issue

    I'm having a tough time keeping my DW-8000 attached to the KD-85 that comes with the TD-12 kit. The DW-8000 is a recent purchase and even though I clamp it down hand-tight as much as I can, the KD85 eventually starts backing away. I've tried adjusting the knob that sits on top of the clamp to give both more, and less, clamp movement when you tighten the clamp but nothing seems to help.

    Comparing it to my old foot pedal (a gretsch) the clamp on the DW-8000 is definately a bit shorter which means there's not as much of the clamp available to tighten down on the ridge of the KD85. I removed the rubber feet from the KD-85 and that did help since it allowed the entire unit to lower a bit, but the problem is still there.

    Other than doing some hefty modification to either the DW-8000 or the KD-85 plate where the foot pedal attaches, I'm out of ideas. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this with either the DW-8000 or any other foot pedal.