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Roland RT10S

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  • Roland RT10S

    Does anyone here use these things? I started with an RT10K for the kick drum because I was having so much trouble with my homemade trigger and was so impressed that I got a RT10S for the snare. Again, works beautifully. So I decided I wanted roland triggers for all my toms as well (2 rack toms and a floor tom).
    The Roland rep for our local music store advises using the RT10S on rack toms up to 14" and the RT10T on anything bigger, so I got an RT10S, (the last one in stock) and mounted it on my 14" Rack Tom and now I have a problem.
    Because it is a dual trigger, I get a cymbal sound on the rim and the sensitivity it too high, so I get crosstalk. When I go to the trigger settings to change the rim sensitivity, the rim sensitivity setting is not available. It is as if it is not a dual trigger and it doesn't matter what trigger type it is set to, I don't get the rim sensitivity option.
    Can anyone suggest anything here? What am I missing?
    Oops, forgot to mention that my brain is a TD-6V
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    On a TD-6V, rim sensitivity is only available on input 2 for the snare. You could try reducing scan time slightly, which may make the rim very slightly less sensitive.

    If you don't want a different sound on the rim, could you just set the rim sound to the same sound as the tom head? You could also disable the rim by using a mono cable.

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      Hey thanks, bart. I was attempting to change the rim sound to match the head sound but the damn guitarist wouldn't stop making noise and causing the brain to change intruments on me, so I finally gave up that attempt.
      I should have thought of the mono cable option though That's what I'll do if I can't make the rim sound the same as the head, (not that it matters much anyway, because the "sound man" (joke) won't put enough of my kit through the mains to be detected by a bionic ear). So Thanks very much for the reply and I didn't realize that about the TD-6V.
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        TD-6 and RT-10's

        I, too, have the RT-10's. I only have one RT-10S (for the snare), but also have the RT-10K. As you found, the RT's worked great for the snare and kick with my TD-6 brain. But I could NEVER get the toms to either stop retriggering, or alternatively, not trigger consistently.

        After I got a TD-20, they worked beautifully all the way around. The RT-10T's worked fine on the toms, regardless of size and I didn't have to tweak too much.
        Roland TD-20 Expanded, Yamaha Recording Custom accoustic drums, 7 piece w/ 5 cymbals, DW2000 double kick pedal, RT-10 triggers, SPD-S


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          oh that's nice to know too, thanks. I was just down at the music store discussing options and one of the "options" presented by the owner of the store was to "upgrade" my brain. He'd be willing to sell me a TD-12 for about $1400.00. I said that, that is an option but when I started to talk trade-ins he started to back away a bit. But he did make me realize that I've got quite a bit of money tied up in gear that I'm no longer using. So, I may just be selling some stuff and saving up for a TD-12.
          Do we have anyone with experience using the RT10's with a TD-12? Particularly, the RT10-T's.
          Oh btw, they gave me (free of charge) 3 mono cables for a short term solution to my troubles. They are pretty good to me at that store.
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            I don't follow their reasoning on RT-10S v. RT-10T for toms though. They're identical apart from the addition of the rim sensor which is now causing you problems. I think they must have been swayed by the very poor reputation of the previous model, RT-3T; but that was very different with no sensor touching the head.



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              Ya I didn't really understand that either and assumed at first that he was wanting to sell me the more expensive trigger but like I said they're pretty good to me there and besides we're really only talking about a couple of bucks difference.
              So what they say that the rep said is that it's a diameter thing. That the 10S is better at diameters 14" and under and that the 10T is better over 14". Why that would be, I don't know but I tried the 10S on my 16" FT and it was hard to control the retriggering and I had to really tighten up the head in order to stop it, (I am using acoustic heads so that is not a nice solution). After getting the mono cables, I dropped over to the club and tried the 10S on my 14" RT with the mono cable and not only was the problem with the rim trigger gone but it triggered much nicer than the 16" drum too.
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