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Roland PCS 31

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  • Roland PCS 31

    I want to add another tom to my TD-6. I'm not able to get the suggested Roland cord. Will another manufactured Y cord work?
    Roland TD 6 XST with extra CY and mesh pad.......also using a 22" acoustic Pacific bass drum with a Rolland trigger.

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    Yes, but it has to be a "standard insert cable" (a.k.a. send and return cable), i.e. single STEREO at the module end and dual MONO (Left and Right) at the other ends (often marked TIP and RING). Like; Live Wire TRS(M)-Dual 1/4" Insert Cable (3 Meters) $11.99.

    A convenient alternative is to use a short adapter cable at the module, e.g. Hosa YPP-117 ($4.99, free shipping), which lets you use your existing cables of the right length.

    The Roland cable has been renamed PCS-31L, because it now has L-shaped plugs on the dual (pad) ends. It can be found in a few places but is comparitively expensive (e.g. $27.95)