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Yamaha DTXTREME III and Hart Pro Drums?

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  • Yamaha DTXTREME III and Hart Pro Drums?

    OK, I've done the search and read through the DTXTREME thread and I still am unclear about this, so if someone would help me I'd appreciate it. I am looking to upgrade my module (have a TD-8). I use Hart Professional drums and Ecymbal II's. I can't afford a TD 20 so I'm considering the DTXTREME III vs. the TD-12.

    My question is this: Will the Hart drums/cymbals function well with the new Yamaha module?

    Thanks a bunch


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    Hart website says they're "currently testing" the IIs module:


    The TD-12 works great with my Harts.



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      As far as I'm awarethe DTXtreme III pad inputs are piezo/switch only, not dual piezo. You can get a TD-20 from BPM Music for $1549.
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        Update from Hart

        Here is the email I received today from Hart Dynamics:

        "Yamaha drum modules are not compatible with our drum kits . The Roland modules are your best bet . Check out the TD-9"

        Guess that answers that!

        Thanks everyone,



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          The TD-12 works really well with Hart Pros and ECIIs. I couldn't be happier...unless I had a TD-20 I guess.
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