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PD 120 mis-firing

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  • PD 120 mis-firing

    Hello all,
    I am new here! Looks like a great forum. I have a question about a PD 120 problem. When I play it it sounds as though it is mis-firing. For example if I strike it once, it sounds OK. If I roll or double up on it - it sounds as though some of the trigger events are not firing - it sputters. First I tried internal module adjustments - then "Da" I just tried swapping toms for the input into the module. It is not the module - other toms play fine through the original input channel. So it is the PD 120 tom trigger. What could cause this? It looks fine. I removed the mesh and dusted everything off, remounted the mesh - still sputters. Any idea? Any low cost fix?

    Thank you,

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    Tried a different cable? (If you only swapped at the module end.)



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      Yes - I yelled that! Why did I not think of that? No idea.... Back in a few lads!

      Bruce - Thank you for the feedback! BRB.



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        I'm holding my breath in anticipation....
        *fingers crossed*


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          Wee bit "o" tweakin'

          I am not Scottish or Irish! I get in weird moods and adopt accents from around the world and drive people near me crazy for a week or so. That being said, you are getting to know who Odisey is. So, let's move on.


          Ear is what I discovered lads. The cables are good! When I roll on dead center it does not sputter. As I move right contact point right of center and left contact point left of center the sputter will begin. If I fold up a little paper and shove it between the mesh and the trigger contact - tightening that contact, it seems to resolve the sputter. However, I noticed something new in this experiment. It seems as though the sputter may be the rim firing! Cross talk between the main trigger and the rim lads! Is this possible mates! If so, how can I fix it!

          Thank you for reading me posts! And thank you more for replying with good feedback.

          EDIT: I am reading the other post and AMF it looks as though it may be me problem as well. Listen close lads! This is two pro v kits with TD 10 modules merged. Aye! And, wouldn't you know that this just so happens to be the 'snare' input jack act-n up on me so. So, let's stand back and look at the big picture before yuu boot me outta of hear without payin' me tab. Could I be experiencing the same problem as the fellow with the post just next door?

          Thank you!
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            That's it

            That is what is happening. When I roll on the tom..., the rim randomly fires. I guess I could assign both rim and mesh to the same sound; I would lose the rim option though.

            What causes this? Any ideas how to adjust to control for this?

            Thank you,