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td-6v update failure, yet another

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  • td-6v update failure, yet another

    I had the great idea to update my vee's and found myself looking at a blank blue screen, like others here, and in panic mode begain to read and search this forum, nothing was working and the screen just stared at me ...blank and blue, I removed the battery tryed everthing, the gave up, on a hunch I took the battery out sat in my moning chair, had a smoke and a cool drink, thinking about filter caps in tube amps, they take awhile to drain, and can keep deadly voltage for weeks... in my panic mode did not give the brain the time it needed to drain all the power down to get back into update mode, well it sure seems like after reading all the posts here, and that I just completed my update, this was true, if the update fails,and you get the screen of doom... remove the battery, unplug her .... have a bevrage, and give the brain some time to drain...worked for me....
    have a great day freinds...now lets see how bad I screw up my new V Expressions install...muhahaha

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    What a relief, huh?



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      Glad it worked out. I can imagine your panic!
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