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Td-10 ? [unexpanded, with V-Cymbals and KD-80]

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  • Td-10 ? [unexpanded, with V-Cymbals and KD-80]

    I have recently Purchased a (Non-Expanded TD-10) I Know that I need Expansion Pack to use V-Cymbals. My question is can I still use Vcymbals (Cy-12HH, Cy-12R/C) and only get dual effect or is it that I cant use them at all. I know Pack is to get full effect of 3 Triggers...I guess Im suppose to use PD7/9 for cymbals however already have the Cy-12's. Also manual says KD-7 Bass and I have a KD-80. In manual it has a special setup if your using KD-120, Can I use this setup for KD-80. I know what everyones going to say sell the non expanded and add to it and get expanded However Im getting laid off from work and cant spend another penny till April 09. also if I were to sell this and buy a TD-6 would my problems be solved.Thought I could upgrade TD-10 down the road (next spring) until I found out that TDW (v-Cymbal Cards) are almost impossible to find on thier own...PLEASE HELP!

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    V-cymbals can be used with any Roland module, including an unexpanded TD-10. (See the last paragraph at http://www.roland.com/products/en/TDW-1/features.html.) Even three-way triggering is (unofficially) possible with a slightly more convoluted setup than provided by the TDW-1. Dual triggering will just work with a stereo cable and a suitable trigger setting, and PD7 is the recommended setting for all V-cymbals on an unexpanded TD-10.

    The KD-80 manual says that on an unexpanded TD-10 you should use trigger type K2.



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      Thanks Bart, What a Help I was starting to freak out, Just downloaded 189 page manual on TD-10 so I have alot of reading to do