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Problem-Stereo Y adapter - Rim sounds getting cancelled...

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  • Problem-Stereo Y adapter - Rim sounds getting cancelled...

    Hi All,
    I'm using 2 PCY80s plugged into a double stereo Y adapter. This is so I can use the pad of one, and the Rim of the other, and position them in seperate locations i.e. as Tom and Cymbal respectively.

    I've noticed that about half of my PCY80s Rim sounds don't trigger when struck at the same time as OTHER PD100\120 pads. NOTE: I'm Not talking about hitting the 2 PCY80s's at the same time...I realize that doesn't work. I'm talking about hiiting a PD100\120 pad that is plugged into a totally different input. For Example..

    Right hand doing eights on PD100 snare. Left hand doing same eights on rim of PCY80s(or any Rim..CY14C etc..) The two pads are not Y'd together. They're plugged into seperate inputs. Note: Pads must be hit simultaneously or rim must be hit shortly after the PDXXX hit...i.e Snare\Cymbal combo or flam.

    I get random (40-60%) triggering on the RIM of the PCY80s unless:
    1. I stop playing the snare... Rim plays fine by itself.
    2. I un-Y the two CY80's and only use only one pad in an input. Rim plays fine when an input isn't sharing it with another pad.

    The problem is independant of Pad type and Trigger type. But is dependent on whether or not I'm using two pads into one input. It seems as if the PD's are stealing module resources When I plug two pads into one input.

    Am I loading the inputs too much or something?

    Thanks for any input


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    Re: Re: Problem-Stereo Y adapter - Rim sounds getting cancelled...

    Originally posted by feefer
    Hi Bill,

    Regardless of 'y' cabling, your account is a classic description of cross-talk cancellation. Adjust settings accordingly.

    Why are you noticing this with two pads? Well, it's like when using multiple mics with a PA system: more mikes implies more possibility for feedback. You've got an extra sensor, so are at risk for more crosstalk, etc. If module tweaking doesn't do it, ou'll have to control the physical factors (location of pads on the rack, etc).

    BTW, stereo 'y' cabling two PCY80s together offers little advantage over only using one pad, i.e. each pad should respond exactly the same at the head and the rim, i.e. rim triggers rim sound, and head triggers head sound from either/both pads. Maybe you're just looking to trigger those sounds from two physically separate locations in the kit?

    Using a Shack Adapter and stereo 'y' cable allows you to trigger the head sound from the rim of one PCY80S, and trigger the rim sound from the rim of the other pad... But that's another story altogether.... Obviously, it's going to have to be set up properly, with appropriate module settings.


    Hi Chris,
    Please read my post again...

    1. It's not cross talk. I thought it was too, until I set the Snare on my Lap, and still had the same problem.

    2. Yes, I am doing this to trigger those sounds from two physically separate locations. ...i.e. Tom and Cymbal.

    3. I've played with shack adapting but It didn't suit my needs. I should mention that I do use the shack adapter on some of my "pad" inputs to cancel the rim sound....don't want the Rim (Cymbal) sounds to trigger on my PCY80s Tom pads...(again, I'm seperating the sounds) Do you see any problems with using the Mono-to-stereo's on the pads for this purpose? I haven't seen any evidence of a problem.

    BTW, Did you ever finish your Shack\Holy-Grail manual? I'd sure like to play with that stuff more.

    Conclusion: Maybe what I need is a stereo splitter?....split to Left & Right. My problem only seems to occur when an input is shared -I notice that the pads are less sensitive when I share them at an input. Maybe a clue?

    What kind of Impedance does the module see for a Piezo\FSR\Switch in parallel with another???

    ....Still, It stumps me that the problem is only seen when I hit a pad from a completely different input.

    Chris, Sorry for all the questions and thanks again for your response.

    Last edited by Snills; 07-19-02, 11:55 AM.


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      Re: Re: Re: Problem-Stereo Y adapter - Rim sounds getting cancelled...

      He's not talking about the physical cross talk, he's talking about your settings. You have your settings set so the pads cancel out crosstalk, which means when you hit two pads at once, one of them cancels out. It has nothing to do with the physical position of the pads. Go to your cross talk settings and change them. That should solve your problem regardless of where your pad are positioned.


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        Sorry Guys, I never thought of that. Crosstalk setting was too high like you said. I re-tuned a few other settings and now it's perfect.

        And what do you know? It even mentions this issue in the TD10 Manual Page 112\ Crosstalk\ Step 4\ "Increasing the crosstalk may cause a different problem....".

        Put me down for an RTFM!

        Thanks for your persistance guys.


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          Re: Bingo!!!

          That's what we are here for.