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Hart Dynamics Prodigy Set?

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  • Hart Dynamics Prodigy Set?

    Is the Hart Dynamics Prodigy Set inferior to the TD-3SW? I'm wondering cause it looks nice and comes with all mesh pads, but its still cheaper somehow...is it some kind of crappy alternative?

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    I thought that the prodigy was discontinued. Anyway, the prodigy is not a bad kit, but it does NOT come with a drum module. So, you still have to purchase a drum module and add that to the cost of the kit. The TD-3 module would be a pretty good match for the Prodigy, though.

    Here is an old link to a review on the original prodigy that suggests some simple low cost ways to improve the prodigy:



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      How is it then that they can include mesh toms, snare and bass and (at least on ebay) I'm finding it at low prices. Are Roland mesh pads that much better?


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        Roland mesh pads aren't that much better. They're different (in general, bouncier). They are also indestructable.

        The price dif you're seeing is standard. Roland's stuff simply costs more than anybody elses (note I didn't use the term "over priced", that raises some hackles in some quarters). It's not because Roland is always better.

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          Low down on the Hart Prodigy...

          Silicon Drummer is correct, it has been discontinued although you can still find some being sold, especially on Ebay.

          I originally bought one of these with an Alesis DM5 module when I first started edrumming back in 2005. I bought it because it was a) inexpensive, b) was all mesh, and c) inexpensive. It was all I could afford at the time. I bought it knowing that I would be upgrading it over time. If you look at pictures of my set now, you would be suprised to know that it started out as a humble Prodigy. In fact, I still have the five Prodigy pads hooked up to it acting as percussion set pads. The heads that came on the Prodigy were the black Kontrol Screen heads, although not exactly the same ones that came on Hart Pros or Accupads. I literally went through a snare head per month! If the Prodigy set you are looking at has the white heads, then those are the Hart Magnums...a much better head than the Konrol Screens. I recently put the white heads on my Prodigy pads and they are holding up well. The rubber hi-hat pad, though, I was less than satisfied with and was the first thing I upgraded.

          If you buy this set because it fits your budget now and know that you will probably want to upgrade over time, then I can recommend it. As a short term solution, it's pretty good....long term...not so much. Most people will agree that buying the set you really want from the get go is more cost efficient, but it doesn't always work out conveniently that way. The TD-3W you mentioned will cost you more money than the Prodigy. But to be honest, if I were to buy a TD-3SW, the results would be the same...I would be upgrading it slowly over time. I wanted the mesh so I bought the Hart. Just some things to consider.
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