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  • Tda-700

    Hey guys..I have a question about hooking my TDA-700 into a power amp into a sub. Which channel on the back of the TDA would I plug into to take it to my power amp and into the sub? And how will the drums sound running thru a subwoofer with no high ends tones? I will be playing with a live band.

    Thanks, Becky

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    I might not be undestanding this properly...

    Are you wanting to use the 700 strictly as a "thru"?

    The 700 will probably pass along the same sound as it's receiving unless it has crossovers built in...???

    -maybe you could clarify a bit..???

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      Not sure I understand the question, exactly, either. When I use my TDA, I connect the L(Mono) out of my module to the L(mono) input of channel 1 of my TDA. I run a line out from the L(mono) output of the TDA to the board. The board runs to the PA (which has two subs).
      If I were to use a sub with just the TDA (no PA), I'd do the same thing, just running the TDA out to the sub (assumes your sub is active and has a built in crossover). There are a lot of ways to do this, depending on the equipment you have available...


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        Originally posted by BECKY CAMPBELL
        And how will the drums sound running thru a subwoofer with no high ends tones?
        Awful. Most subs crossover below 200Hz. Mine crossover at 125! Imagine only hearing that low end. And even if you don't have any crossover, you will lose most of the sparkle and definition without a crisp high end.


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          Hello guys...thanks for responding. Ok, to clarify, I am running a cable from the brain to the TDA. From the TDA to a power amp, and from the amp to a sub. I was afraid that it may cut out the highs. I just wanted to know which out on the back of the TDA would I use to run to the amp. Anyway, the band bought a crossover so we may just run it to the mixer. Thanks anyway for your help. I still would like to see which hole on the back of the TDA should I run from it to the mixer. Thanks! Rockrgal


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            If you are running a long way, like through a snake, use the balanced XLR outs. If you are running just a few feet, the unbalanced 1/4" out will do. This only applies to a mixer. If you are running to ANY device with balanced inputs, the balanced outs will always be your best bet.


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              Hi Michael. Let's say I am running approx 20 ft to the mixer from the TDA. Would I use "2" XLR balanced cables or just one? Then I would use two channels?? Thanks


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                Depends if you are running in stereo or not. If you are using stereo out from the TD-20, you should use both outputs from the TDA-700. Running them to the mixer and pan one left and the other right.