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CY-15R choking itself? Fix?

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  • CY-15R choking itself? Fix?

    Greetings all,

    Since I picked up my TD-20 kit, I have had an intermittent problem with the ride. Regardless if I am playing the bow or the bell, every so often it will choke itself. Now if it were only a single instance, it probably wouldn't be that bad... but if I am riding it and it chokes, it will usually happen 3 to 6 times in a row, then go back to normal, and then later in the beat start choking again. Obviously this sounds rather retarded.

    I have adjusted the wingnut tension from tight to slop to in between, and the angle of the cymbal to no avail. I went through the manual and looked at the trigger settings, but can't seem to locate anywhere to make any adjustments on the choke. Did I miss something?

    Or... is there even a way to disable the choke on a specific pad altogether? Reason being - I can think of no situation where I have ever wanted to choke the bow or bell or a ride, and if I were to ever use the edge, well - I can live without being able to choke it a lot easier than I can with it just randomly choking itself randomly and in strings

    Anything else I can/should look at for fixing this as well?


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    There's no way to disable choke, although you could disconnect the edge cable. (It's possible to choke the bell too though.)

    But it's much more likely that the apparent cutting out is caused by the ride's crosstalk setting being too high. When you hit other pads quite hard at exactly the same time, the module is rejecting the ride signal as being mere vibration from the other pads. Use TRIGGER, XTALK (F4) and reduce the setting for input 10. If you reduce it too far then you may find that the ride triggers when you only hit a tom. Mount types and Xtalk groups on the other tabs of that page can also be used to overcome problems.

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      Thanks for the feedback - I will look into it, but I guess I should have also clarified a bit more on some things that your post brought up...

      In efforts to find out what was going on - I was only playing the ride and nothing else and able to reproduce the problem. No bass, no toms, etc. Also - the problem happens when riding the bell as well - and the bell chokes itself out. Again - at random times, but when it does, it happens for 3 to 5 or 6 successful strikes, then goes back to ok, and then chokes again some time later.

      Ideas? I am open to whatever. I read a thread elsewhere on here that said the pad may be full of debris - so I plan to pull the trigger base out and see if anything falls out At this point, I am ready to try anything... cause really - when you are going along on the ride and it keeps choking itself, it sounds profoundly ridiculous


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        If the CY-15 is still under warranty you will invalidate it by opening the pad.


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          No, it is a gently used kit, about 1.5 years old.


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            Sorry, I should have asked if it happened when playing only the ride, and I nearly did.

            In that case it does sound like internal rubber debris: CY-15 is dead

            You may be able to get a temporary reprieve by massaging the edge sensor area, but the more permanent fix will involve peeling back the rubber to clean out the insides of the edge and bell.

            I think the ride edge or bell may not have been used so gently. (Heavier sticks wreak havoc.)

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              Thanks, I will have a go at it tonight probably and post up the results.