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Anyone using pd7 and pd9s with the TD-9 ?

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  • Anyone using pd7 and pd9s with the TD-9 ?

    Anyone using the pd-7 and pd-9 pads with the TD-9?

    Just wondering if pd-7 and pd-9 pads will work without problems.
    Will the dual trigger function also work?
    TD-10 set with a TD-9 module

  • #2
    They should work fine, including dual trigger, with PD8 selected as the trigger type because there's very little difference.



    • #3
      I figured they would be OK but I wanted to make sure before I purchased a TD-9 in place of my current TD-10.
      TD-10 set with a TD-9 module


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        If I might ask, why are you getting rid of the td-10? Don't get me wrong I have a td-9 and love it to death. But doesn't the td-10 have positional sensing on the snare and more connections than the 9 ? Also I believe the 10 has more outputs because the 9 only has the one set.


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          The TD-10 is an awesome unit.
          I just don't think I'll ever get enough out of it to appreciate the extra options it offers.
          I think the TD-9 has slightly better sounds and is simpler to use for someone like me who just wants to bang on the drums a few hours a week.
          I'd trade you for your TD-9 and give you $25 cash if your ever serious about making the switch : )
          TD-10 set with a TD-9 module