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TD-9 file saving via USB

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  • TD-9 file saving via USB

    Hello . I was hoping to be able to save .wav files from my TD-9 to a USB drive. That capability would allow me to easily, and literally "plug in" drum tracks away from home, on my friends home systems.

    I've read the manual, but found no way to end up with a .wav file on my USB drive. Hopefully, I've missed something. My other easiest option seems to be to play the TD-9's file into Sonar as a track, mix down and then export as a .wav file. That seems too many steps given the TD-9's hardware and latent capability.

    Most of the folks I play music with have home studios (with different brands of software/hardware) and I'm looking for convenient ways to share files for inclusion in one another's "mixes".

    I'd welcome and appreciate the forum's thoughts on this and file transfer in general. Thanks

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    Welcome to vdrums.com.
    The TD9 module plays wav files but does not record them. The quick record feature only records trigger information, and saves it in Roland's proprietary .td9 format. The good news is, you can quick record and play back with any kit on the module, or any that you create. The bad news, as you discovered, is that you need to record to an external source and convert to wav.


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      Ah Well, reality is what it is.

      Thanks Colquhoun,
      I thought that was probably the case. Its not really that difficult to load the file into recording software, set levels and mixdown to wav. or mp3......and there is the added utility of being able to provide a measured "lead in" interval. I was just hoping to save HD space. Now, if I can only get a properly articulated HH feel with the set..........*