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Using a pd-120 on a Td-9

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  • Using a pd-120 on a Td-9

    Like the title says, I have a pd 120 that I bought off of ebay and have been using as my snare on my td-9 set. I read somewhere before that the sensor for the rim was in the side of the drum. Well I have been noticing a lot of times when I hit the head I get a rim sound depending on where I hit it. At first I thought it was just me hitting the rim by mistake. But then I noticed it when I was making sure I was hitting the snare head and not the rim. I have it set as a pd-125 in the trigger settings because there is no setting for the 120. Does the pd 125 work better with the td 9 module or do I just need to adjust the sensitivity settings of the rim and head? This is really annoying when you are trying to play and you keep hearing the rim trigger. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks in advance.

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    Reduce RimShot Adj at SETUP, TRIG (F1), RIM (F2).

    "There are some cases that you have a rim sound unexpectedly when you hit the head strongly. You can improve this situation with decreasing the value of “RimShot Adjust.” (When you set the value too small, it might be difficult to play the rim sound.)" Page 49.



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      Thanks, I knew I would get an answer here. I will do this asap. Thanks again.