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broken kick drum sensor

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  • broken kick drum sensor

    hi everyone: i've gone and broken my kick drum sensor, and would really appreciate any help/tips/whatever on how to get it back into functioning mode. i think what originally happened was the wires were jiggled off the piezo thingy inside it from use, and then i took it apart and probably made things worse. i tried soldering the wire back on, and i think i messed up the white stuff thats on the metal disk(i know these aren't the technical terms). there's not very much white stuff left now, because i think i've been trying to solder the wires to a bare spot and gradually burning the white stuff off. anyways, one thing i wanted to know, is is this white stuff necessary for the sensor to function? and if so, should i probably get a new piezo sensor, seeing as i've burned most of the necessary white stuff. next: what kind of piezo sensor do i get? i've called roland and they actually won't help(they say i have to send it to a qualified technician, and won't give advice because i could screw up the repair, hurt myself using a faulty sensor, and then sue them. like i'm gonna screw up a repair! *sarcasm*). i've looked through the piezo stuff on radio shack's website and got very confused. and lastly, how do i reattach the piezo element? does it need to be attached to the top of the sensor unit(by superglue or something?), or can it just float in the space in there(i'm guessing the former, but what do i know). sorry for all the questions, i'm just tired of not having a bass drum, and can't afford to send this thing to a "roland certified repairman for something i think i could fix at home. thanks for any and all help.

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    sorry, its a roland kd-7 sensor.

    edit: yes, the link to that thread above is an old one. i broke this thing a while ago but, as i am quite lazy, am just getting around to fixing it. i tried the "contact roland" recomendation in that thread, and they were basically no help. as for buying a piezo element at radio shack, i went to their web page, and was so confused, i turned around and walked out. i don't know too much about these piezo things. actually, if anyone knows of any good online explanations of how they work, i would be very grateful.
    thanks again for any help
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