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VH - 11 Hi Hat on Iron Cobra Junior Hi Hat Stand "Auto Splash"

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  • VH - 11 Hi Hat on Iron Cobra Junior Hi Hat Stand "Auto Splash"

    I am currently VH-11 on an Iron Cobra Junior Hi Hat stand.
    The problem I have is that when I release my hi hat pedal too fast it will engage the "open" sound on the hi hat. This is probably because of the jerking motion of the hi hat movement when returning to the open position.
    I have set my hi hat to the lowest tension and still I have the problem. Even increasing the threshold of my hi hat does not solve the problem without compromising too much on my drum dynamics.
    Has anyone encountered this problem here before and any tips on improving the situation?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Is the central rod screwed in tightly to the pedal section? Loose physical connections there have caused similar symptoms for others.



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      When you release are you allowing the pedal to rise all the way and top-out? It hit the extreme of movement? This could cause it too.

      Bart's thought is probably it though.



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        When I fully release the hi hat fully which my leg out of the pedal, the whole motion of the hi hat releasing would stop at a certain point. When the hi hat reaches that point there is a slight jerk caused by the stopping of the motion which seems to be the reason why the totally open sound is triggered.