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Hart Dynamics Prodigy DVC - loud?

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  • Hart Dynamics Prodigy DVC - loud?

    Hello all. I am trying to get into the world of electronic drums because I am going to college this fall and have no room for acoustic drums. Of course, since I'm going to college, I'm also incredibly strapped for cash.

    Is the Hart Prodigy DVC loud to hit? In other words, does it make the same "thok" sound as, say, a Remo practice pad? Thanks.


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    I not to sure model wise-but alot of HARTs products use the ""MESH"" stlye heads-which are like regular a-drum heads except look more like a screen. these are completely quite- just look for this stlye, you can probally get a set of these hart stlye mesh head drums now a days for 5-600$--the problem is sometimes you will be required to buy the MODULE to run them-another 2-400$ process---
    try to convince the sales guy to make this a package deal--

    Again, for thequite aspect try to stay away from the rubber type of drum heads and go with the mesh stlye heads. LATERS--BOOMS

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      Hi Wade,
      nice to see you over here

      I don't know if the people replying until now have considered this as well; using mesh heads with foam underneath is a different story than free moving mesh heads. I use mesh heads on my ddrum cast precision pads with foam underneath, and it gives more sound than a free moving mesh head.
      I don't know how much noise the prodigy makes, but simply saying "mesh headed pads are very silent" is not always true.
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        And even free-floating (no foam) mesh heads make some noise, although considered "quiet" by most folks, including myself. I have several different sized Hart Pro pads and they each make different pitched humming noises somewhat like real drums .
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