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Cy5 for hihat with TD12

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  • Cy5 for hihat with TD12

    Hey guys, I don't post much but I love this forum. Wondering if you guys can help.

    I have a CY5 with my TD12 custom setup (it's only the TD12 brain with various pads I bought on ebay). I use it with an FD7 pedal since I heard that was the way to go, for the hihat (if you don't have a VH11 that is)...

    In my module, there is no option for CY5, so I go with a CY8. Initially I had the CY12H as the trigger type, but I started getting double-triggers if I mis-hit, and went too close to the end of the rubber area on the CY5.

    Since changing to the CY8 trigger type, I don't get the double-trigger at all, even with a low threshold (I like low because I can play softer and still have the hats trigger), and a low sensitivity.

    What do you guys use for your trigger type, if you use an FD7/FD8 setup with a CY5 as the hihat?

    Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.0 / Reaper 5+6
    DIY hybrid kit (Sonor kit / Roland / Yamaha, DDT MS-140c snare, etc)
    Roland TD-9 / eDRUMin

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    The CY-5 manual says you should use the CY6 trigger type on a TD-12. That's also what I use for a CY-5 with a TD-20.